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Process mapping is a valuable and practical tool used to document our current processes. The mapping of our processes often leads to the uncovering of  chronic inefficiencies in many of our organizational operations. This interactive course provides a comprehensive introduction to process mapping, and outlines the structured approach for documenting and analyzing any business process. It addresses the levels of process maps and provides detailed guidelines for constructing process maps along with suitable examples. In this course we study the high level process map, SIPOC, and the detailed process map with illustrative examples. Knowledge checks and short quizzes are well spaced throughout the course to check for comprehension and to encourage application and competency build. Read More

Lean Six Sigma application begins and ends with the customer.  This course emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer requirements and covers important techniques, such as the Kano model and analysis, for evaluating customer requirements.  A systematic approach to identifying and prioritizing the customer requirements is critical in ensuring that organizations deliver value-added products in the most cost effective manner. Course participants will appreciate the importance of the customer in Lean Six Sigma application, while learning how to obtain and prioritize the customer stated and unstated requirements.  This will lead to the delivery of better products and services to the market at a faster rate and at lower cost. Read More

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