Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Elite Program

3 sessions



Course Length
120 hours

Beverly Smith



This three weeks course builds on the Green Belt fundamentals and is extended over a three (3) months period to allow for project application and project-based mentoring. The course package combines our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program and our Organizational Change Management course.

Our elite Lean Six Sigma Black course places a strong emphasis on proficiency development through in-class application and project work.  Our students will be mentored throughout the program on the application of Lean Six Sigma tools towards developing  real business solution. The course allows students to dive deeper into the tools and methodologies of Lean Six Sigma while integrating critical areas of change management and effective group facilitation. 

Vector International is accredited by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).


Upon completion of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course participants should be able to:


  • Apply advanced tools and techniques in order to achieve measureable improvements in business performance
  • Demonstrate ways to eliminate wastes through the application of Lean concepts such as 5S, and Value stream mapping (VSM), etc.
  • Demonstrate the application of DMAIC in advancing your project work and in obtaining process improvement
  • Apply efficient experimental design and advance analytical approaches to determine the relationship between the process input and process output variables
  • Assess the capability of measurement systems and the performance of current processes through the collection, analysis and interpretation of data
  • Have an understanding of the role and impact of change management in obtaining and sustaining business results and the critical role of the Black Belt in the change process
  • Create implementation design that incorporates foundational aspects of change management and one that ensures that implemented solutions are maintained


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Plus
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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Plus
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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Plus
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If our students are have difficulty  in grasping a concept or its application, they can contact us for assistance via email at support@vector-international.com.


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