Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Refresher Course

12 modules


Brian Galli



The online Six Sigma Green Belt Refresher course is designed for individuals who have completed the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training or certification and who would like to update their skills and knowledge. The course is designed as a "Test-Learn-Test-Apply " instruction model to reinforce learning while building proficiency. Course participants are required to complete a self assessment prior to reviewing the course modules.

Individuals who have completed the Green Belt level training can complete the refresher course as part their certification examination preparation strategy. The Green Belt refresher course will also help individuals who wish to pursue Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.

Self- Assessment - Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
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Mod 1: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
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Mod 2: Lean and Change Management
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Mod 3: Process Discovery
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Mod 4: Cause and Effect + Failure Mode &Effect Analysis
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Mod 5: Basic Statistics
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Mod 6: Capability Studies
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Mod 7: Intro to Hypothesis Testing
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Mod 8: Basic Correlation and Regression Analysis
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Mod 9: 5S
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Mod 10: Control Method and Control Plan
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Sample Test
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Technical Requirements

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If our students are have difficulty  in grasping a concept or its application, they can contact us for assistance via email at support@vector-international.com.


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